My Recent Work

Mugoya Dihfahsih's Recent Projects

1. Online Shopping

Am currently developing an online shopping system called begos. This is being developed following SDLC principles, the systems uses Django-Oscar api as a library package to use the existing views and models of oscar paradigm

project name

2. Church Management System

This is a web based system that allows church to manage all its, expensives, revenues, membership and information management.
It Helps the church to centralize its information and reduces paper work at church as well as enabling systematic way of handling data

3. Savings Scheme

A web application that enables a group of people with common interests of savings.
Members contribute their savings of any amount and at the end of the year each member is given back as much as he or she saved
In addition to savings, members can request for a loan as twice as their amount saved with the scheme.

4. Inventory Management System

A system that is web based, this system allows the authenticated users to update, view, generate reports, archive data and many other operations

5. WIMEA-ICT Security System

This was my final year project at Makerere University, WIMEA-ICT is a small Tech organisation in makerere that carries out intense research in Weather conditions in East Africa, This was a module that was implemented to curb vandalism of weather station equipments especially solar panels.
The system detects calprits and then makes an alarm as well as sending notifications to the concerned officers in charge of the Weather station