Mugoya Dihfahsih

Full-stack Software Developer

3 years of experience in front-end and back-end engineering.
Ambitious and communicative. Good mentor and tech lead.


  • Back-end: Django, Python, Postgres and Sqlite databases and event-based architectures. Designed and maintained several web app backends with ~100k LoC.
  • Front-end: JavaScript, React (with Hooks), Redux, Designed dozens of front-end websites with ~50k LoC.
  • DevOps: configured and maintained web servers(linux) through SSH. Knowledge of whole web hosting stack and experienced in configuring it.
  • Attentive to UI/UX details and high code quality. Fan of unit tests, functional programming and typed interfaces.
  • Can help in or take over: project management, estimation and ownership, tech recruitment, client negotiations.
  • Open to evolving in: Docker, Go, Kubernetes, and many else.


Rcs Consult Ltd
Nov 2020 - Currently

Chief Technology Officer

Design and come up with architecture needed for the web systems and other applications

  • In charge of application development, approving any outsourcing or software vendoring in form of negotiation on the behalf of the company through interfacing with the Board Members and other relevant workers.
  • Always solving any tech issues that would cost the company losses both financial-wise and data through fixing task execution, Bug fixing and automating all manual processes of all department of the company.
  • Selling to the company brand new strategic developments powered by new technologies or any need for out sourcing talent as a way of helping the company achieve its goals and objectives
  • Study new practices through constant self-education, discover technologies to a high-level professional environment of Tech in the Company
  • Come up with the strategies of how to improve tech aspects of the company so as to enable it achieve its objectives.
  • Strategic thinking by choosing a development approach, workflow philosophy and planning(checking budgets of the projects together withe company manage)
Canon Innovations Ltd
Feb 2019 - Oct 2020

Software Developer

Worked on a Multi-School Management System to enable the school administrators and different stack holders facilitate education.

  • Led and coordinated the front-end team to move the front-end stack to come up with all necessary architecture for web applications.
  • Developed and colaborated with a team on inventory management system to help in automating the company's stock.


Makerere University
2013 - 2018
Software Engineering
  • Studied and completed a bachelors of science in software engineering at Makere University
  • Project: Weather Station Security Project to eliminate equipment vandalism. Using stacks such as python, javascript, opencsv, raspberry pi, and flask framework. Project powdered by WIMEA-ICT.
  • Min-Project: Statistical Analysis using R-Programming to represent these statics on graphs and other analytical tools.
  • Internship: Web application development using Ajax, Jquery, Bootstrap and Laravel Framework Serenity Solutions Uganda.
Elementary Education
Advanced Level- Subjects
  • Physics
  • mathematics
  • Economics
  • Entrepreneurship

Other perks

  • Knowledge of algorithms and data structures.
  • Speaks native Luganda, fluent English, conversational Lugisu
  • In his free time, likes to, travel, and play football and volleyball.


  • Curious coding especially trying out new stacks
  • Play football and volleyball in free time.
  • Doing charity in my community during free time